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Can I Just Use 2 Social Media Platforms Not All 3?

Yes, if you subscribe to the ‘Pro Bee’ plan you can connect to your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts but you do not have to connect all 3 if you wish to use less.

Can I disconnected Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin?

Yes, within your account you can connect / disconnect Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin depending on which ones you would like to have connected or disconnected.

Can I Get Lawbee for Free With A Subscription?

Yes, if you have a featured listings subscription (any of the plans that include at least 1 featured listing) on you can get a Lawbee plan for free whilst your subscription remains active on

Is Lawbee Only Available To UK Solicitors?

Lawbee is only offered for UK law firms to use. Please do not order any of the plans if you are not part of a UK based law firm.

Where Can I Download The Plugin To Integrate With Our Website?

The WordPress plugin will be available to download within your account / login area on We also offer free support for all users if you need help with the integration. Support / help can also be requested via your account / login area.

How Lawbee Can Help Your Law Firm

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Save Time

Post once on Lawbee and your post can be published automatically on your Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook pages.

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Bigger Audience

Reach many more people as your social media posts will also be featured on our legal sites too.

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Promote Your Firm

Your law firm’s profile pages on our legal sites can show your latest social media posts.

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Post From Anywhere

Lawbee can be used anywhere from your desktop to your tablet or mobile phone making it easy to post from anywhere.

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Likes And Followers

Lawbee will enable your firm to post more updates and reach more people which can greatly help to increase followers and likes.

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Add To Your Website

Use our plugin to display your social media posts on your law firm’s website. No website coding knowledge required.